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Order Documents
A variety of documents of particular interest to those wishing to learn more about Qabalah, Magic and the Western Esoteric Tradition.

An Account of the Order

Declaratio Lucis

Magic: The Path of Inner Transformation

Marcotone: The Science of Tone Color

Reading List

Secret Life of Symbols

Tarot: The Magical Keys to Consciousness

Foundational Documents
Key historical documents of particular importance to members of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light.

Emerald Tablet of Hermes

Fama Fraternitatis

Confessio Fraternitatis

Pattern on the Trestleboard

Paul Foster Case Archive
We are proud to offer these documents by and about Paul Foster Case, one of the foremost occultists of the 20th Century and the Spiritual Father of our Tradition.

Masonic Affiliations
Abstract of Paul Case's Masonic memberships culled from the archives of the Masonic Grand Lodge of California.
Author: Kevin M. Tuck

PFC Bibliography
A comprehensive list of known works written by Case.
Author: Kevin M. Tuck

The Life Power
Abstract of a lecture delivered at the Hotel Astoria in New York City in December 1922.

Letter to Israel Regardie #1
January 15, 1933. Topics discussed: Dangers of Enochian Magic, Tattwas, origins and value of the Golden Dawn system, biographical information

Letter to Israel Regardie #2
August 10, 1933. Topics discussed: Fama Fraternitatis, criticism of the Golden Dawn, circumstances of departure therefrom, reformulation of Grade material, Fohat, books written

Contributed Articles
This section has informative articles submited by our fellow travelers along the path of return.

Why Group Work?- Paul A. Clark

Tarot Reflections - Tarot in the Development of the Initiate- Soror A. T.

Spiritual Alchemy  - Alchemical Brass - Part I - J. S. Bullock

Spiritual Alchemy  - Alchemical Brass - Part II - J. S. Bullock

Ancient Views - How Ancient Cultures Viewed the World In Philosophy, Religion, and Science - D. Moore

The Triangle of Manifestation - D. Moore

Healing - Healing with Sounds and the Vibratory Attunement - Part I - Kevin Townley

Healing - Healing with Sounds and the Vibratory Attunement - Part II - Kevin Townley

The Adoration - Initiatic Formula for Spiritual Equilibration - Aurora's Son

Communion with the Divine - Aurora's Son

Creative Writings

The Search for the Crystal Necklace - Short Story by Thomas Downing

The Pond - Poem - D. Gentry

A Kind Remembrance  - Short Story -  A. Kenne

Audio Lectures and Interviews

Interview with Dr. Paul Clark in Occult of Personality podcast 46
Dr. Paul Clark discusses Fraternity of the Hidden Light, the influence of Paul Foster Case and Ann Davies, the importance and relevance of Qabalah to the study of esoteric science, the symbolism of the Tarot, the purpose of Ceremonial Magic, the importance of balance and aligning the self-conscious and the subconscious, the concept of service, and his hopes for the future.

Interview with Dr. Paul Clark in Occult of Personality podcast 66
Dr. Clark begins by talking about the F.L.O’s publication of the early lessons of Paul Foster Case, “Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment – Volume 1: The Early Writings” and “Esoteric Secrets of Meditation and Magic – Volume 2: The Early Writings“.

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